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Awesome: The Podcast. Punch & Pie.

Recorded once a month, Awesome: The PodCast is a mash up of geekery and music from Central Jersey and beyond. The brainchild of Executive Producer and hostess, former radio DJ Roxy Freefall, Awesome: The PodCast was recorded in her living room before moving to Roxy & Dukes in Dunellen, NJ for a 2 year residency which wrapped up in 2015. From there, the show moved to it’s current home, Demented Brewery, in Middlesex, NJ.

Joined by rotating panel members including, former co-producer, Tiny, David Johns, Rev. James “The Voice” Hatton, Cassie O, The Virgin Manny, Odin and others, the monthly show focuses on topics and issues that are relevant to the geek and music communities. The show features very candid and open discussions about topics ranging from the media relevancy of comic books to the politically charged first amendment rights to the completely offbeat creation of ‘android girls’. The panelists may not be experts per say, but their opinions and commentary provide an insight and humor like no other.

Awesome: The PodCast also provides an opportunity to feature up and coming music artists and other characters from New Jersey and beyond. What started out as a showcase to feature local, independent artists has turned out to be a venue for folks on the local and national stage to come and talk about their projects and lives. From Fishbone to The Alarm to Authority Zero to Skinny Lister, Roxy Freefall’s discussions offer an opportunity for artists to open up and talk about their experiences with the industry and offer a brief look into their lives. Locally, Roxy has been honored to sit down with acts including Weird NJ, Jeff Crespi, Joshua Van Ness, Deal Casino, Garden State Line, Honah Lee, The O>Matics, Bonk! Percussion Group, Matt DeBlass, Little Dipper, A Halo Called Fred, Those Mockingbirds, Zigman Bird, The Matt Wade Band, Lower the Veil, Vextion, Dr. Void & the Death Machines and many others.

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The Graham Norton Show, the Nerdist, Comic Book Men, 120 Minutes

A few of the regular panelists…

Creator, Executive Producer and Hostess Roxy Freefall
Roxy Freefall

Co-Producer and Featured Panelist Anthony “Tiny” Kroposky

Featured Panelist and Guy of Science, David Johns

And this hamster…
Hamster with Sombraro

(no not really… but it is damn cute!)

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