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A note from Roxy

Hello Friends!

I want to take this opportunity to apologize for being MIA.

This month has had some crazy ups and downs. Between vacations, and me breaking my foot (long story), trying to set aside time to tape our next episode of Awesome: The PodCast. Punch & Pie has been difficult. As you know this is a completely DIY effort and sometimes it’s difficult to get the stars to align right. I assure you, you will be seeing new material from us soon including a catch up interview with Demented Brewing Company¬†which was recorded at the release of our collaboration beer, Awesomely Demented, an interview with Burlesque Dancer and Producer extraordinaire, Vivi Noir, and of course our regular panel show. Plus, if you’re in the Central NJ area, we are hosting a showcase July 29th at Roxy & Dukes Roadhouse featuring Mickey Rickshaw from Boston, Mass Folk Commons from Philly, and Coach ‘n Commando from New Brunswick.

We greatly appreciate your patience with us during this time. We’ll see you all very soon!
Have a sun shiny day!
Roxy Freefall