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Roxy’s going to space?

Check it out! Roxy’s goin’ to space! Well… at least her name is. Get your name on Orion’s test flight here!

Stomping through October…

The October Episode is a very special one indeed. Roxy is joined by panel members David Johns, Cassie O and Co-Producer Tiny to chat about Dr. Who, ridiculous riders. fake implants and so much more. Our special musical guest, The Waffle Stompers joined in to talk about their future endeavors, being together for 10 years and treated us with a very rare acoustic performance on the Roxy & Dukes Roadhouse stage.

Download the latest episode right here!

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Please note: This podcast is rated M for language and subject matter. NSFW. It’s not like there’s a lot of smut, but there is enough that may not be appropriate for certain audiences. So, headphones on, ears open and just make the laughing can be heard on Mars. :)