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That time where we celebrated our birthday…

It’s our One Year Anniversary Showcase Showdown!!!!!!

This episode is a little different from our usual shenanigans. The panel makes a brief appearance to talk about Fred Phelps and Roxy gives her review of the Wake Up Vibe(c) and reflects and give thinks over this past year.  But then we make room for all the awesome music we got to experience from not one but THREE amazing bands:
Those Mockingbirds
Zigman Bird
The Turnbucklers

So tune in here to check out all the awesomeness!!!!
Roxy & Those MockingbirdsPhoto courtesy of

Please note: This podcast is rated M for language and subject matter. NSFW. It’s not like there’s a lot of smut, but there is enough that may not be appropriate for certain audiences. So, headphones on, ears open and just make the laughing can be heard on Mars. :)