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Warm Up With Our January Episode!

Ahhh a new year. Filled with resolutions and intentions bound to be broken.
This month, Roxy and the boys welcome Matt from the Garden State Beard & Mustache Society to the panel as they discuss Wonder Woman, Robots, Godzilla and nipples. Dr. Void & the Death Machines are also on hand to talk about Psycho-billy and just tear up the Roxy & Dukes Roadhouse Stage.

Ready to laugh your face off and rock your ass off?
Then Download the latest episode here!
me and the boys

 Please note: This podcast is rated M for language and subject matter. NSFW. It’s not like there’s a lot of smut, but there is enough that may not be appropriate for certain audiences. So, headphones on, ears open and just make the laughing can be heard on Mars. :)